August 17, 2009

just for kicks

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this page is for me just to see what I can write or whatever I come up whit, If for whatever reason you come up open this page you want to leave asap, for a few reason.

1> I’m probably not a good writer at all (because English is my 2nd language).

2>I’m probably going to have tons of spelling errors.

3>I’m probably going to write stuff  that I know most people is going to disagree whit me and I don’t mean politics or anything else like that I honestly can say I can careless for politics.

4>The Stuff I may write about it’s going to be whatever happen to me on my daily life, maybe anime just because I really like or whatever comes to mind.

5>Don’t feel offended for what I just say, I like to as honest as I can be, so there it is.


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